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All you have to do is set your goal and take our 90day weight loss challenge. Lose weight without mysterious meal plans and drastically changing your lifestyle. Drop the pounds on your own time by supplementing your diet with great tasting products that deliver results.

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Follow a safe and effective method for a well balanced diet for healthy living. Our challenge kits will ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs without hunger cravings that leads to over eating and you gaining unwanted weight.

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Join the simplify weight loss community and get on board with our 90day challenge and reach your goal to lose weight. We make it fun and exciting as we share our experiences as we all strive to reach our goals.

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Why do our members get such amazing results? Being part of our online community provides help and motivation for your weight loss that leaves you a happier and healthier person. Your not alone thousands of others have the same dreams and goals for healthy living just like you.


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Automate your eating by planning your meals ahead of time. That way you’re less likely to make an unhealthy last-minute food choice. Choose the right challenge kit that suits your lifestyle…

Balance Kit

The Balance Kit has been designed to help you begin the Body by Vi™ journey, giving your body good nutritional balance.


Shape Kit

The Shape Kit will help you see results and start shaping your body.


Core Kit

The Core Kit supports your active lifestyle with a patented anti-aging and energy formula. It also provides balanced nutrition, hydration, and energy without that jittery feeling.

Transformation Kit

The Transformation Kit is packed with the ultimate shaping and nutritional ingredients to help you see and feel maximum results.

Fit Kit

The ViSalus Fit Kit is geared towards those with active lifestyles and athletes.

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Our pride is our team

  We have great professionals in our team who are highly trainer to help you conquer all your goals in an easy fast and fun because we always want the best for our students and we are prepared to evolve with you this is Sport   Meet Them


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    Brooce Lo
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    Anne Rotem
  • The best workout I’ve ever done in my life, ever since I joined I have lost weight and started to gain muscle it is helping me a lot, I’m happier and this is good for my mind.

    Hanck Colt
  • I always wanted to train in a place like this, it’s great, nutritionists are helping me and making me very great diets, I am getting lots of attention and great workout tips.

    Lisa Forman