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About Us

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions is a leading European Professional Skin Care company based in Germany featuring highly effective Biomimetic and Biocosmetic (Organic) products. The brand is highly regarded in the industry with over 50 years of history in research and development of cutting-edge professional skin care products and treatments that are recognized for innovation and quality.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions is the umbrella name for Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic line (Cosmos Certified Organic), the Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Classic Skin Care Series, as well as the MANAGE YOUR SKIN®, CELLosophy CELLebration Collection®, our luxury series and SENSICURA®, a concept to care for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin.

Dr. Spiller products and Spa Concept treatments can be found at exclusive spas, medical centres and accredited aesthetic schools in over 40 countries worldwide and are available only through licensed skin care professionals ensuring that consultation is necessary to select the appropriate individual treatment and home care program.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions face and body systems focus on individualized care for every skin type and condition. Experienced professional recommendation and its effective application support the most important element of our philosophy: achieving optimal results with the highest feeling of well-being

The Difference

Our professional skin care products with highest quality of active ingredients are developed using the latest in scientific research. These products produce highly effective results while also minimizing the potential for allergic reactions or skin irritation due to the careful selection of precious active ingredients. Our product range offers everything necessary for the very best care of your skin. Everything from essential products such as cleansers and creams, to products for the sensitive eye area and care products to treat specific skin problems are available for use by a professional skin care therapist in the spa, as well as for home skin care routine. Our products systematically meet the needs of all skin types; young and combination skin, dry and acne-prone skin, sensitive and mature skin. The sale of our products are exclusively through skin care professionals ensures a consultation that is necessary to precisely select an individual care program.

Natural care

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions uses primarily natural ingredients such as plant oils, spring water and medicinal plant extracts. In our products you will find, for example, jojoba, olive, argan, avocado and rose oil as well as extracts of tiger grass, hibiscus, seaweed, aloe vera and schisandra and other highly effective natural substances. They all work together with state-of-the-art biological substances such as vitamins, amino acids, liposomes, oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid and oxygen for results you can see and feel. Our rigorous quality control ensures the purity of the raw materials we use, making Dr. Spiller particularly suitable for allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

Beauty industry is always changing and evolving with new and innovative advances.  For this reason, we at Dr. Spiller, continually research and develop our entire product range in our state of the art laboratories and on the forefront of the latest breakthroughs in skin care. We are always investing in our production techniques, research based ingredients from all over the world and careful handling of raw materials which is as important as their meticulous selection.

Quality and effectiveness

Every effect has a cause and for this reason we only use ingredients, whose effectiveness and hypo-allergenic properties have been scientifically proven.


Dr. Spiller products and treatments are consistently winning prestigious Awards including the European Health & Spa Award. In 2011, the CELLosophy CELLebration Collection® received an award for “Best Anti-Aging Facial Treatment”. Men’s line, MANAGE YOUR SKIN®, received the 2010 award for “Best Men’s Facial and Body Treatment”. Beauty Forum Readers’ Choice voted Dr. Spiller Silk Complex cream #1 skin care product and the Herbal Cleansing Gel was voted one of the best products for problem skin.

Biocosmetic (Organic)

Our certified organic line, Alpenrausch by Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic, is a full face and body care range featuring 23 products that meet the strict standards for controlled Biocosmetics and bear the official European seal of COSMOS ORGANIC, the highest level of certification that an organic line can achieve.

Biomimetic Skin Care

The Biomimetic line consists of all the classic Dr. Spiller skin care series. All skin issues and conditions can be targeted such as oily, acneic, sensitive and dehydrated, and mature and anti-aging.   As well as the advanced Silk, Oxygen Q10, Sanvita, Vitamin C, Aloe Line, Collagen Line,  Rahima and Gaoxing products. The extensive Biomimetic line continues to grow and develop showing ground-breaking results with a full spectrum of products that meet the needs of all skin types including specialized treatments for problem skin such is hyper-reactive and couperose skin.


Award Winning range of products especially developed to meet the unique needs of male skin. This product line is completely botanical and at the core of it is the patented GLYCAMON® Compoundan advanced anti-aging formulation with phyto-actives designed to reduce irritation and to supply the skin with lasting hydration. These perfectly matched products are easy to use and deliver powerful results.

CELLosophy CELLebration® Collection

This award winning luxury anti-aging concept line consists of exquisite foundation of highly effective CELLebration® Compound, a revitalizing cocktail of valuable beneficial substances gained from Caviar, Champagne and Diamonds. The unparalleled products in this anti-aging series also contain powerful biological actives and precious herbal extracts for lasting firming and smoothing effect.


This regenerative care system from the SkinTherapy Solutions range has products and treatments for difficult skin conditions such as hypersensitivity, redness and itchiness.  Healing, calming and hydrating concepts stabilize the skin barrier, alleviate skin irritations and prevent triggers for undesirable reaction. The products are based on ingredients such as Magnolia Bark Extract, Vitamin F Complex, Panthenol, Hyaluronic Acid and more.

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